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Delay contingency plans

For flights departing from airports in China

We’re committed to implementing the appropriate contingency plans when experiencing a flight departure delay at an airport in China.
Tarmac Delay

1. SilkAir will notify passengers regarding the status of the delay every 30 minutes, including reasons for the delay if known, estimated delay time and other flight information.
2. SilkAir will also provide operable lavatory facilities and adequate medical attention during the tarmac delay.
3. For tarmac delay exceeding 3 hours or more with pre-determined specific take off timing, SilkAir will liaise with relevant departments based on actual conditions to arrange for passengers to continue waiting for flight departure.
4. Passengers are to remain on board. SilkAir will arrange for passengers to disembark from the aircraft when the following 3 conditions are met:

a. Tarmac delay exceed 3 hours (including 3 hours)
b. No confirmation of take off time
c. To follow safety and security regulations
5. SilkAir will provide rebooking services to all affected passengers. SilkAir will provide disability assistance like wheelchair and other services for passengers who require them.
6. SilkAir will engage the relevant stakeholders to establish the specific take off timings for our flights.

Mass Flight Delay

1. SilkAir will notify passengers through our check-in counters, lounges, and boarding gates at China airports or via SMS, within 30 minutes of us learning of the delay, cancellation or diversion.


2. SilkAir will notify passengers regarding the status of the delay every 30 minutes.


3. SilkAir will engage with the relevant departments e.g. Head Office and Local Airport Departments during a mass flight delay. We will endeavour to notify passengers in a timely manner through different channels and deploy adequate manpower to meet the needs of passengers.


4. In the event of a mass flight delay, SilkAir will, to the best of our ability, provide meals, accommodation, rebooking assistance, baggage handling and transportation to the accommodation to mitigate inconveniences experienced by passengers resulting from such mass flight delays. SilkAir will not be liable to carry out these mitigating efforts in cases where the flight cancellations, delays and misconnections arise due to factors beyond the airline’s control, for example, acts of God, acts of war, terrorism etc., but will do so on a best effort basis.


5. SilkAir will deploy staff to address feedback in Mandarin and English. Passengers can contact their local SilkAir office with the contact information published on our website, or send their feedback or enquiry through our website.


6. SilkAir shall acknowledge a complaint within 7 working days (statutory holidays excluded) and provide a substantive response within 20 working days (statutory holidays excluded) of receiving it. SilkAir will keep a record of the complaints and findings.

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