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Special Baggage

Here you can find out more on non-standard size baggage types as well as the different rates you will be charged.

Sports Equipment

All sports equipment will continue to be counted towards passengers’ free baggage allowance. If the combined weight of the sports equipment and normal baggage exceeds their free baggage allowance, the excess weight will be charged accordingly.


Each piece of sports equipment will be treated as a piece of baggage. Excess baggage charges will be levied accordingly if passengers exceed their free baggage allowance.  If you are travelling to from USA, most sporting equipment is treated as one piece of baggage. A canoe is treated as two pieces of baggage.

Oversized Musical Instruments

Oversized musical instruments (eg. cello, double bass, guitars, etc) can only be brought on board our flights as cabin baggage.  If you prefer not to check-in your musical instruments, you may bring one on board by purchasing extra seat to accommodate it. We will place the instrument on the floor and secure it to the seat frame with seat belt.

The maximum weight and dimension allowable is:

  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Height: 61"
  • Width: 20" (Business Class), 17" (Economy Class)

A Double Bass is not allowed onboard as it exceeds the height limit set above.

Although guitars are normally less than 7 kg (that is within the cabin weight allowance), it may be considered as oversized due to its (dimensions); and may not be allowed in the cabin if no extra seat(s) have been purchased for it.

If you do not plan to purchase an extra seat, your guitar should be packed in a suitable hard case and checked in to avoid damage.

Singapore Airlines Cargo

Should you need to transport a very large item or a large quantity of items you can learn more about the services provided by Singapore Airlines.

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