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Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang is the capital and largest city of Central Java, and was a major port during the Dutch colonial era. The famous 15th century Chinese explorer, Admiral Cheng Ho set foot here on Java, paving the way for the city’s maritime heritage. From the 17th century, Semarang became an entrepot for the spice trade, and continued to flourish as a port city right through to the 20th century. As a result of its rich legacy, Semarang is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian Arab and European cultures. If you’re looking for a mix of old-world charm and colourful culture, Semarang serves up a good flavour of Indonesia’s past and present.

Must Experience

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Kota Lama ('Old City')  

Kota Lama ('Old City...

Jalan Pemuda  

Jalan Pemuda

Lumpia Semarang

Sample Lumpia Semarang, a popular local snack. Originating from Chinese immigrants, this version of the spring roll typically...

Historical sites  

Historical sites

Taman Budaya Raden S...

Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, a large garden in the city centre, is a good escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. A number of ...

Useful Tips

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Losari Coffee Plantation  

Losari Coffee Planta...

Islands of Karimunjawa  

Islands of Karimunja...

Ambarawa Railway Mus...

Hop onto an old steam engine for a ride back in time between Ambarawa to Bedono at the Ambarawa Railway Museum located in the...

Getting around

Take a local becak or rickshaw instead of the bus. It’s a relaxing, breezy way to enjoy the city sights.

About City

  • Flying time from Singapore2 hours 15 minutes
  • CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
  • Airport to city6 kilometres

Fast Fact

  • Airport taxInternational flights IDR100,000
  • ClimateAverage Temperature 28.2 degree Celsius. May to September is Dry season (humid and sunny). October to March is Wet season (Rainy)
  • ActivitiesSightseeing, shopping, diving