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Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, the urban heart of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas and the capital of Nepal, has a history dating back 2,000 years. The city is a magnet that draws many kinds of travellers: those embarking on climbing expeditions, those looking to explore the city’s splendid architecture and those in search of spiritual enlightenment – for the city is home to Hindu, Buddhist and other thriving religious traditions. Kathmandu was once thought to be the faraway and unreachable Shangri-La; with its many charms, it’s certainly a strong contender for the designation.

Must Experience

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Seto Machhendranath ...

Explore the Seto Machhendranath Temple, which attracts both Buddhists and Hindus. The temple was restored in the 17th century...


Boudhanath Stupa


Nature enthusiasts who want to see the Himalayas but are not inclined to trek great distances can walk to Nagarkot, which off...

Culinary adventure

Indulge in a culinary adventure. The city’s Thamel district is peppered with restaurants serving everything from Middle Easte...

Nepalese coffee

Sample Nepalese coffee. Although most locals prefer tea, Nepal grows good coffee, so definitely give the local coffee a try. ...

Useful Tips

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About City

  • Flying time from Singapore5 hours 10 minutes
  • CurrencyNepali Rupee (NPR)
  • Airport to city5 kilometres

Fast Facts

  • Airport taxInternational flights NPR3,260
  • ClimateVaries with altitude and topography Summer: 20-28 deg Celsius Winter: 3-19 deg Celsius
  • Best time to goNovember-February if you are into water sports
  • ActivitiesTrekking, hot air ballooning, mountain flight, safari, mountain biking