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Travel Advice

Travel Documents

Well-organised travel documents are your passport to a snag-free trip. Please make sure you take all relevant travel documents with you to the airport. Before you fly, contact the embassy or consulate office of the country to which you will be travelling for information on passport, visa, or entry requirements. 

All passengers should ensure that they have a minimum passport validity of 6 months to all destinations. 

Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that they hold all valid travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) and comply wtih the entry, exit, transit or other requirements of the countries they are travelling to. Passengers may be refused entry into a country if they do not have the required or valid travel documents. SilkAir and our check-in agents will not be liable in any way for any consequences arising out of your not having the required or valid travel documents.


Your flight departing and arriving on time is very important to us, and to all our customers. Please plan to be at the boarding gate no later than 15 minutes before the departure time.


Travelling light is always easier, but not always possible. Get information on baggage allowance for the two classes of service and learn about baggage restrictions.

eRegister with Singapore Missions

For Singaporeans only. The eRegister system allows you to share details of your intended overseas trip with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), so that the MFA can reach you and offer Consular assistance in times of emergencies and crises (e.g. natural disasters, civil unrests, etc) Click here to register your details.

Notice to Customers Travelling to Brazil (Sao Paulo)

Customers travelling to / returning from Sao Paulo on Singapore Airlines should take note that certain countries require proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever before allowing entry. 

Customers should check on the entry requirements of the countries they wish to visit after Brazil and ensure that the entry requirements are satisfied. Customers may encounter inconvenience and may be denied carriage if these requirements, such as having a valid International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis for Yellow Fever, are not met.

 If in doubt, kindly check with our ground staff.