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Lost / Mishandled Baggage

In the event that you arrive at your destination without your checked baggage, please be assured that we will do everything possible to assist and have your baggage delivered to you as soon as possible.

If you're unable to locate you bag on arrival, please approach our ground staff at the airport immediately. You'll have to complete a report to describe your bag in detail, along with your contact information and delivery address.

You should expect to receive the following:

  • A copy of your Report
  • A File Reference Number


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Baggage Delivery

We will notify you as soon as your baggage is located and will deliver it to the address you specified, subject to local customs regulations. Alternatively, you may collect your baggage at the airport and we shall be glad to reimburse the transport cost.

Damaged Baggage

If your checked baggage arrives damaged, please ensure you make an immediate report of any irregularity before clearing customs. Passengers who clear the customs without any report of irregularity are deemed to have collected their bags in good order. Any settlement agreed thereafter is on goodwill basis. Our appointed agents will have your damaged bag repaired as quickly as possible. You can find out more about making arrangements for repairs from our local office.


If you have any further enquiries, please call us for assistance.

Baggage Liability

SilkAir’s liability is limited in accordance with the relevant conventions* governing air travel, unless a higher value has been declared and you have paid relevant charges in advance.


* This is subject to the provisions of the applicable Warsaw or Montreal Conventions, and the terms of SilkAir Limited General Conditions of Carriage (GCC)

• Except as the applicable Conventions or other law or regulations may otherwise require, we do not assume liability for normal wear and tear to baggage. This includes:

o Cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and marks that may occur despite careful handling

o Damage to, or loss of, protruding parts of the baggage including, straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks, wheels, external locks, security straps, zipper tabs or other parts attached to the baggage

o Unsuitably-packed luggage (e.g. over-packed)

o Baggage accepted under the conditions of the Limited Release tag – this includes items retrieved or confiscated by the airport authorities or security personnel

o Fragile and perishable items including money, jewellery, precious metals, silverware, antiques, heirlooms, securities, laptops and other electronic items, business documents, passports and other identification documents, product samples or medicines

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