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Baggage Allowances

Knowing your baggage allowance can make a difference to your journey and ensure safety and comfort. As you will not have access to your checked baggage during flight, we advise that you carry your medication, travel documents and valuables in your carry-on baggage. For easy identification, do also label your checked baggage with full contact information.

Check Baggage Allowances

Weight Concept
  • Applicable for flights to/from all destinations except USA.


Weight Concept



Piece Concept

  • Applicable for flights to/from USA.


Piece Concept





Baggage Weight Limitations

For health and safety reasons, each piece of baggage that is checked in must not exceed 32kg for all class of travel.
You will be required to re-pack your bag if the weight of a single piece of your checked baggage exceeds 32kg.
Alternatively, you may want to consider sending it as cargo. Please contact your local SilkAir office prior to your travel.

Valuable and Fragile Items

You are strongly advised against packing the following items into your checked baggage:

  • Laptop
  • Medicine
  • Securities / Negotiable papers
  • Silverware / Precious metals
  • Money / Jewellery / Other valuable items
  • Business / Travel / Identification documents

Cabin Baggage Allowances

Under the SilkAir's cabin baggage policy, each passenger will be allowed the following cabin baggage allowance. Please expand the tabs below to see the cabin baggage allowances as well as what items constitute one piece of cabin baggage.


Cabin Baggage Allowance Per Piece



Additional Articles Allowed Onboard

In addition to your free cabin baggage allowance, you may carry onboard ONE of the articles listed below free of charge, subject to the country's local requirement:

  • Ladies' handbag*
  • Laptop in bag*
  • Document bag*
  • Camera / Camera bag*
  • Overcoat 
  • Umbrella
  • A walking stick, a pair of crutches and/or other prosthetic devices for the passenger's use provided the passenger is dependent on them
  • Small amount of duty free goods (where permitted)
  • Infant food and amenities if the infant is travelling. The total weight of these items should not exceed 5kg


* The maximum dimensions for these bags are 40x30x10cm each. If the item exceeds the total dimension of 80cm (sum of length, width and height), it will be counted as part of your standard cabin baggage allowance. In this event, you will be required to check in either your cabin bag or the additional item.

Cabin Baggage Checks

Checks will be carried out on our flights at check-in and prior to boarding. At check-in, cabin baggage that exceeds the allowed limits must be checked in. Prior to boarding, cabin baggage that exceed the allowed limits will be collected and stored in the aircraft cargo compartment. Excess baggage charge may become necessary if combined weight with the bags already checked in exceeds your allowance.

To facilitate security checks at the airport, as well as for the safety of our customers and cabin crew, please observe the guidelines on the weight and size of carry-on luggage. This will minimise the likelihood of injuries which could be caused by luggage falling from the overhead compartments due to excess stowage. Cabin baggage that exceeds the stipulated allowances will have to be checked in.  It will also help ensure the aircraft cabin remains clutter-free, for easier movement by fellow passengers and the crew.

SilkAir retain the sole discretion to determine, for purposes of your safety or the safety and comfort of other passengers, whether any item of your baggage will be permitted in the cabin or must be carried as checked baggage.


Food Items in Cabin / Checked Baggage

You are advised to check with the relevant authorities of the country that you are travelling to if you wish to carry food items in your cabin and/or checked baggage.


If you are travelling to Singapore, please refer to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) website for information on the type of food and quantity that is allowed into Singapore.

In addition to AVA’s guidelines, SilkAir may restrict the carriage of items in the cabin and/or checked baggage if these items are deemed offensive to other passengers. Examples of items prohibited in the cabin and/or checked baggage are items that give a strong smell.  Please check with our staff if you are bringing such items on board. 

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