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Flight Status


Whether you are expecting to meet someone off an arriving flight, or you are leaving on a flight yourself, be aware that flight timings may change due to unforeseen circumstances, most notably changes in weather conditions along the flight path. Save yourself time and effort by monitoring your flight timings online before you head to the airport.

Note that if you do notice your flight is delayed, it is wise to monitor its status throughout the day. In the event of improved weather conditions in particular, a delayed flight may eventually be re-timed back to its original schedule.

Simply click here to access the arrival and departure times of SilkAir flights in and out of Changi Airport, as provided by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. CAAS monitors these flights, and provides you with the same real-time information online as you would see on the Solaris boards at the airport terminal.

For passengers connecting to Singapore Airlines, kindly note that Singapore Airlines will operate from two terminals (Terminal 2 and Terminal 3) at Singapore Changi Airport. Simply access this link to check on the departure terminal for your connecting flights.

For passengers connecting to SilkAir, please note that all SilkAir flights operate from Terminal 2.