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Popular FAQs

Preferred Seats are seats with more legroom in the Economy Class cabin and they can be purchased for a fee starting from USD 20, subject to availability.

Preferred seats can be classified into two categories:

  • Located beside the emergency exit doors (Offered only in flights operated by SilkAir)
  • Not located beside emergency doors.

Flights operated by Singapore Airlines offer preferred seats in both categories mentioned above.

Preferred Seats are different from regular Economy Class seats as special terms and conditions apply to buying and occupying Preferred Seats. Purchasers of Preferred Seats must be at least 18 years of age. An additional set of safety criteria applies for the Preferred Seats that are located beside the emergency exit doors. Please see “Who can occupy Preferred Seats located beside Emergency Exit Doors?” for the more information.

Preferred Seats that are not located beside the emergency exit doors are not subjected to those additional safety criteria and thus may be assigned to anyone who has purchased them.

There are a few options you can use to do internet check-in, they are:

KrisFlyer Number
KrisFlyer members can log in with their KrisFlyer number and PIN to do Internet check-in.
Booking reference (PNR)
KrisFlyer and Non-KrisFlyer members can check-in with the booking reference (or PNR). This option is applicable to both online and offline bookings.

If none of the options works for you, please check-in at the airport.

Preferred Seats are available only in economy class on all SilkAir & Singapore Airlines flights.

The airline insurance surcharge is a War Risk Insurance and it covers passengers on our flights for damages due to acts of war, including invasion, insurrection, rebellion and hijacking. It differs from Travel Insurance which passengers may purchase separately from any insurance company to cover for flight disruptions, such as delays, flight cancellation, lost baggage or even medical reasons.

Preferred seats are available from USD 20. Charges are levied based on zonal pricing between Singapore and the destination country, as well as selected itineraries between certain countries. Click here for zonal fares at SilkAir & Singapore Airlines destinations.

As an example, if a passenger wishes to purchase a Preferred Seat for the inbound and outbound segment of a Singapore to Xiamen flight, the passenger will be charged a total of USD100.

You may purchase a travel insurance policy for your trips originating from Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia to cover you for exigencies. More information can be found at here.